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  • Add ANY Quantity of ANY Product - We'll Automatically Double the Quantity for FREE!

Uplift or Unwind - BOGO

Add ANY Quantity of ANY Product - We'll Automatically Double the Quantity for FREE! Shop Cyber Monday Sale
  • Uplift or Unwind - BOGO

  • Add ANY Quantity of ANY Product - We'll Automatically Double the Quantity for FREE!

Uplift or Unwind - BOGO

Add ANY Quantity of ANY Product - We'll Automatically Double the Quantity for FREE! Shop Cyber Monday Sale

100% Happiness Guarantee

100% Happiness Guarantee

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Fast 1-3 Day Shipping

Simple & Smart Formulas

Simple & Smart Formulas

Thoughtfully Designed with Love

Thoughtfully Designed with Love

Starter Kit: All 4 Diffusers

$48.00 $80.00

Have it all - experience each plant-powered diffuser in 1 simple kit. (BOGO Kit saves 70+%!)
Melatonin Diffuser
Calm Diffuser
Focus Diffuser
Caffeine Diffuser
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Melatonin Diffuser


Enter a dreamy world with this sleep-inspiring device by enjoying a soothing blend of premium ingredients including lavender & chamomile.

☁️ Unwind into Bedtime Bliss with Ease.

🛌🏾 Invest in Rest & Inspire a Better You.

🌿 Made with Natural Extracts & Without Drugs.

❤️ Beloved by 1000s of Sleepy Heads.

Day & Night Stress + Sleep Gummy Duo

$58.00 $68.00

The ultimate duo for daily energy + stress relief along with nightly relaxation + sleep support. Say hello to brighter days and more restful nights with these science-backed gummies.

☀️ Daily Stress Relief, Energy, Focus

🌙 Nightly Relaxation, Deep Sleep

🧑‍🔬 Expert-Chosen Ingredients

🌱 Clean & Plant-Powered Formula

Mellows Relaxing Sleep Gummies


Pure Relaxation: Dive into deep relaxation with Mellows, a blend of nature's best ingredients for serene sleep.

🌜 Enhances Relaxation for Peaceful Sleep.

🌱 Beyond Melatonin, Plant-Powered Support.

🍃 With Melatonin, Ashwagandha, Magnesium.

🌟 Awaken Recharged, Ready to Conquer the Day.

Calmies Stress Relief Gummies


Go from overwhelmed to a sense of calm and balance throughout the day with our most advanced plant-based and adaptogen-powered stress support gummies.*

😀 Helps Reduce Daily Stress & Unease.*

✨ Supports Energy, Mood, and Focus.*

🌱 Ashwaghanda + Rhodiola + L-Theanine.

🧪 A real life "chill pill".

Caffeine Diffuser


Start your day off right with this inspiration-sparking blend of botanical goodness & uplifting extracts to help you win the week.

⚡ Power in the Palm of Your Hand.

🧘 Balance Your Mind, Ignite Your Productivity.

🌱 Naturally Revitalizing, 100% Substance-Free.

🌟 Expertly Engineered for Go-Getters.

Focus Diffuser


Elevate every day with our focus device, made with a harmonious fusion of nootropics (bacopa, ginseng, ginkgo), invigorating mint, and Vitamin B-12. Clarify your goals & find your flow.

🚀 Elevate Focus in Minutes.

🧠 Cultivate Peak Performance.

🌼 Harness Nature's Potential.

🧪 Precision-Crafted Excellence.

For Focus Diffuser 1-Pack Orders placed on or after Saturday 11/25/23: High Demand - The 1-Pack Size of Focus Diffusers Will Take ~8 Weeks to Ship. Please select a 3-Pack or 6-Pack or 12-Pack for fast shipping: All Sizes of All Products are shipping at normal speeds EXCEPT Focus Diffuser 1-Packs which are backordered/on pre-order & take ~8 weeks to ship. 3, 6, & 12 Packs of Focus Diffusers are shipping at normal same/next-day shipping speeds.

Calm Diffuser


Discover tranquility whenever you need it with our Calm Diffuser. Immerse yourself in a soothing blend of ashwagandha, lavender, and jasmine, anytime, anywhere.

😌 Embrace Serenity in a Crazy World.

⚡ Stress Be Gone in a Moment.

🍃 Naturally Soothing Ingredients. 100% Drug-Free.

📚 Meticulously Designed for Relaxation.

Dream Mist Relaxing Sleep Spray

$14.00 $24.00

Spray Lavender, Vanilla, and Jasmine mist all over your bed and pillow to create an aura of peace and calm, turning your bedroom into a haven for drifting off into dreamland.

😌 De-Stress on Demand.

🛏 Supports Faster, Deeper Sleep.

🌿 Promotes Calm & Relaxation.

🧘 Clean + Plant-Powered Ingredients.

The hype is real:

Over 1 MILLION+ Units Sold & 20k+ Raving Reviews.

All of the products are amazing and work in harmony with each other.

Yvette H.

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The product came quickly and was easy to use.

Alyssa K.

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Jessica L.

Cloudy Customer

Sweet dreams ☁️✨

Valentina F.

Cloudy Customer

Ashley S.

Cloudy Customer

You have to try it!

Naomi M.

Cloudy Customer

Tracy G.

Cloudy Customer

Shannan J.

Cloudy Customer

Maura S.

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