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Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

Inhaling on the diffuser will turn the inside liquids into a light mist which you breathe into your mouth, and then exhale out your nose.

Is it an e-cigarette or tobacco product?

NO. Cloudy contains absolutely NO NICOTINE or other drugs.

Cloudy diffusers are personal aromatherapy diffusers that contain melatonin and essential oils and release aromatic mist to provide all the benefits of aromatherapy. They are designed for adults looking to promote relaxation and get better sleep.

While Cloudy diffusers somewhat resemble e-cigarettes in appearance, Cloudy diffusers are not e-cigarettes. 

E-Cigarettes are defined as electronic nicotine delivery systems, or ENDS. There is no nicotine in Cloudy diffusers. In fact, all Cloudy diffusers are completely free of nicotine, tobacco, Vitamin E acetate, THC, CBD, and any other regulated substance.

Cloudy diffusers have a variety of features that further distinguish them from e-cigarettes, including: 

  • Intention: Cloudy diffusers are intended to provide an easy and convenient aromatherapy experience. 
  • Ingredients: Cloudy diffusers are filled with melatonin and essential oils rather than any regulated substance.
  • Mechanism of action: The temperature of Cloudy diffusers is intentionally kept as low as possible to preserve the melatonin and essential oils.

What's in it?

Melatonin, Lavender, and Chamomile are the 3 main ingredients. That's all! View Full Ingredients

What's not in it?

Cloudy does not contain any harmful substances, legal or illegal drugs.

How long does it last?

Each diffuser is made to last approximately 1 month (30 days). Users may use the diffuser up to 7 times when getting ready to sleep. Usage life may vary.

How do I know it has run out/died?

You will know that the diffuser has run out/died once the light stops flashing, it starts blinking, or it stops dispensing mist.

When will my package ship after I order?

Orders are shipped same-day if placed before 12PM EST on a business day. Orders after that will ship the next business day.

How long will it take my order to arrive?

Note: Our US-based fulfillment center is fully operational and shipping orders. Due to the explosion in our brand's popularity along with COVID-19 related delays, allow up to a few extra days for your order to deliver. All-In-One Relax + Rest Kits will experience additional delays. Thank you for your patience and understanding during these crazy times. Be assured you'll be kept updated via email! :)

1. Orders shipped with "3-Day Express" will arrive in an average of 2 business days (1-3 business day range) after shipment.

2. Orders shipped with "2-Day Express" will arrive in 1-2 business days after shipment.

3. Orders shipped with "First Class Package International" will arrive in an average of 5 business days (3-12 business day range) after shipment.

Is there an age restriction?

Cloudy is contains ZERO drugs or illegal substance. Although it is completely legal and free of any regulated substance, we still don't recommend anyone under the age of 18 to use our diffuser as we do not wish to encourage the hand-to-mouth habit that may lead to unhealthy habits, such as smoking.


What is melatonin?

Melatonin is a hormone made naturally by your body.

It is often called the “sleep hormone,” as high levels can help you fall asleep.

However, melatonin itself won’t knock you out. It simply lets your body know that it is night-time so you can relax and fall asleep easier (4).

Evidence shows that taking melatonin before bed can help you get to sleep (16171819).

In an analysis of 19 studies scientists found that melatonin helped reduce the time it took to fall asleep by an average of 7 minutes.

In many of these studies, people also reported significantly better quality of sleep (19).

Additionally, melatonin can help with jet lag.

Jet lag occurs when your body’s internal clock is out of sync with the new time zone. Shift workers may also experience jet lag symptoms since they work during a time normally saved for sleep (20).

Melatonin can help reduce jet lag by syncing your internal clock with the time change (21).

For instance, an analysis of 10 studies explored the effects of melatonin in people who traveled through five or more time zones. Scientists found that melatonin was remarkably effective at reducing the effects of jet lag.

The analysis also found that both lower doses (0.5 mg) and higher doses (5 mg) were equally effective at reducing jet lag (22).



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